Title: Enabling Commercial Payments with B2B APIs
Alexis Clarke, Senior Director on Visa’s B2B Payments Platform Team will showcase the ways Visa APIs can help improve your B2B payments process and take a detailed look at some of our newest APIs.

In this webinar, we’ll be discussing:
  • An overview of our commercial API offerings
  • The benefits and features of our new B2B Virtual Account Payment Method APIs
  • Supplier payment automation and other use-cases
  • How to identify suppliers ready to accept electronic payments
Learn more about our speaker below:

Alexis Clarke
Visa’s B2B Payments Platform Team
Alexis Clarke is a Senior Director in the B2B Product Platform team within Visa Global Business Solutions. Alexis advises key partners in how Commercial B2B Payment APIs can best fit into their business flows to optimize the payments process. She has been at Visa for almost 11 years, always in the Commercial space, so has watched the industry innovate and is excited to share more detail about our APIs.

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